13 July, 18.00, Kling & Bang, Hverfisgata 42

Is it possible to predict the future? Can we cheat fate by means of mathematics and logic? Janek Simon is an artist who is able to cope in dire straits. In the past, possessed with a vision of a looming catastrophe, he would give lessons of how to feed oneself in the forest (eg. “Edible Plants and Animals of Lower Saxony”), and how to catch squirrels. His thinking today is not as pessimistic, though equally practical. In his lecture in Reykjavik, Simon takes us into the mysterious world of the lotto, with the addition of historical information about mathematics and psychology. The lecture complements his installation prepared by Raster Gallery. When delivered in Warsaw, the presentation had an additional utilitarian dimension – the artist decided to invest 3 thousand Polish in lotto coupons, planning to give the possible win to Goldex Poldex, an alternative para-institution which the artist manages in Krakow.