Hans Schabus explores formal diversity within an artist’s practice and his work originates from a desire to connect different sites and temporalities. This is a key element in the artist’s research, and characterizes his work in the studio as well as the residencies and the exhibitions he participates in. The approach Schabus takes with each project makes the artist into a sculptor in the classic sense of the word. He selects, assembles and creates through an experience of space, understood both in its physical and mental dimensions. His works are a response to the surrounding environment and the materials that form it, and result from a direct and very personal experience of these contexts.


Gavin Kenyon’s research is characterized by a continuous experimentation with materials. He creates sculptures that refer to traditional objects and architectural elements, while maintaining sensitivity towards more organic forms. Realized with an approach that freely combines control and chance and that investigates how materials behave under situations of stress and constriction, his sculptures have an anthropomorphous, almost human connotation, and seem to exist in a continuous tension between concepts such as attraction and repulsion, feminine and masculine, figuration and abstraction, suggesting different possible states of being — from action, to contemplation, to repose.

Viale Premuda 46, 20129 Milano