Navid Nuur researches how specific spaces and materials can engender new experiences, shifts in attention, and perceptual thresholds. Having digested the advances of Conceptual and Post-Conceptual art, Nuur’s return to materials and the innovations they can occasion, is a critical and sensuous investigation of the role they play in a new kind of aesthetic experience. In Nuur’s work the distance between magic and science, between speaking through materials and speaking critically, between tactility and touch screens, between the sleight of hand and the movement of electricity, are all enlighteningly compressed.


Rudolf Bone is a Romanian artist, part of a group of experimental artists in the 1980s gathered around Atelier 35 (the young section of the Romanian Artists’ Union) in the city of Oradea. After major disappointments in the political and art scenes, Bone withdrew from the art world and from any social engagement in 1993. He returned to art in 2008, and still works today in his artistic endeavor. Plan B has invited Rudolf Bone to do a reenactment of the performative sculpture, Panspermia from 1985, made out of glass lamellas and a stone thrown by the artist. The rock is the proof that Panspermia hypothesis is true and we should consider it when enclosing ourselves in inflexible systems of thought. “Breaking” a normative structure was a strong action in the 1980s during the communist regime, and it still today offers an intense reflection on the human condition.

Potsdamer Strasse 77–87, Building G,
Second Backyard, 10785 Berlin
Fabrica de Pensule / The Paintbrush Factory,
Str. Henri Barbusse 59–61, 400616 Cluj