Jon Sasaki

Two Possible Performances:


Bouncy Highrise (2014)

A small crew of installers attempt to erect a monumental sculpture, using four or five inflatable bouncy castles stacked one on top of the other.


Are We There Yet? (2014)

An endurance performance in which a stand-up comic performs one long, uninterrupted “shaggy dog joke” on a stage, stretching one joke to frustratingly interminable lengths.


One Impossible Performance:

Promise It Will Always Be This Way (2008) numerous costumed team mascots are given instructions to “remain enthusiastic” throughout an extended period. Over several hours physical fatigue sets in, plush heads are removed, revealing the performers to be human after all…



Derek Sullivan

Endless Kiosk (2005-ongoing)


1. If Brancusi’s Endless Column (1918 /1938) suggests an infinite extension into the sky; and 2. as Carl Andre noted, also evokes an equal continuation into the ground; then 3. the use of the form as a poster kiosk opens up the possibility of endless girth: poster upon poster, message on message, form on form, thickening up over years… For Villa Toronto the kiosk will expand with the addition f a new poster by gallery artist Sara MacKillop and contributions from the public.

74 Miller St, M6N 2Z9 Toronto