JD Walsh speaks to Jon Lutz



JL: I’ve always been drawn to the way that music, film, painting, sculpture etc. come together so seamlessly in your work. They are orchestrations, weaved together but with a coherent dissonance, and also a warm, approachable quality at the same time. How do you think this comes about?


JDW: I am always testing things out, but in a sense that’s just part of art making. It’s important for me no matter what medium I’m working in to have some space for exploration and improvisation, failure and revision. The beauty really is in the rules that govern the work, the set of instructions, or code. How do you find improvisation in something like that? For me there has to be a space for discovery, chance, and figuring out what works. There’s definitely a cutting room floor where discarded things exist.


Jon Lutz is the director of Sardine Gallery in Brooklyn,ny.

JD Walsh lives in Brooklyn, ny. Galleries he has exhibited at include Sardine; Daily Operation; Cooper Cole; Halsey McKay; Nicole Klagsbrun; Cleopatra’s; and Galerie Steinek.

1161 Dundas St W, M6J 1X3 Toronto