Shane Krepakevich’s Structure for Art Metropole was first developed to travel to the Institutions by Artists conference in Vancouver in October 2012. It was designed as a malleable format collecting ephemeral items from our archive. The second iteration, made in collaboration with Elif Saydam, was first presented at Art Metropole’s Show & Tell & Sell benefit in May 2013. Elements of the structure have also travelled with Art Metropole to art fairs internationally. A third iteration accompanies Art Metropole’s Anniversary Celebration in the Great Hall of Union Station, as well as Villa Toronto.


This mobile, multi-component structure accompanies furnished rooms. The structure also furnishes; it supports and presents a range of [archive] materials. These materials weigh slightly on the structure’s form, adjusting themselves in response. The objects accumulate as wishful anchors. Please extend the multi-component structure with chairs and plants (if possible, Ellen Danica). These complements are not peripheral; they anchor the structure’s pieces. Each borrows another’s weight and position, redrawing the lines of relation. The objects drape one another in mutual gravitational obedience.

Shane Krepakevich (2012)

 1490 Dundas St W, M6K 1T5 Toronto