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Johann König, Berlin opened in May 2002 at Rosa Luxemburg Platz in Berlin. The 850 sq ft. groundfloor space was located in the Pölzig building, which also hosts the Kino Babylon. It is close to Alexanderplatz, in the centre of East Berlin and opposite of the Volksbühne. In April 2006 Johann König, Berlin has moved to its new location, a 5.800 sq ft. post industrial hall close to Potsdamer Platz, right in the middle of Berlin. The new gallery is surrounded by Martin Gropius Bau and Neue Nationalgalerie. The gallery is managed by Kirsa Geiser and Johann König. They have formed a unique program of emerging and mid-career artists. The gallery is not media specific and has exhibited audio works, video, painting, works on paper, photography, performance, installation and sculpture since its opening. The following artists are represented by Johann König: Micol Assaël, Henning Bohl, Manuel Graf, Tue Greenfort, Jeppe Hein, Nathan Hylden, Annette Kelm, Manfred Kuttner, Alicja Kwade, Lisa Lapinski, Michaela Meise, Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Michael Sailstorfer, Tatiana Trouvé, Johannes Wohnseifer, Jordan Wolfson, David Zink Yi and Andreas Zybach.


Occasionally historical positions are on show, such as Öyvind Fahlström and William Copley. Furthermore the gallery hosts curated group shows such as “Zuordnungsprobleme” (Problems of Assignment) (2008) and "When a clock is seen from the side it no longer shows the time" (2008).

The artists represented participated in major group shows such as the Venice Biennial, Whitney Biennial and other biennials in Berlin, Sydney and Moscow. Numerous publications and monographs are available on most gallery artists. The gallery is participating in several art fairs, such as The Armory Show, Frieze Art Fair, Fiac, Art Basel and Art Basel Miami Beach.




Johann König

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